The Hearts Of Youth Foundation


    The Hearts of Youth Foundation helps provide youth with safe places to live, an education and the same opportunities as other children in the world. Growing up without parents or living in poverty isn’t a choice and we want to ensure they are happy, safe and healthy.

    The Hearts of Youth Foundation is a not for profit Foundation established in 2015 by Melissa Britton.
    The primary focus is to change the future of orphaned and disadvantaged children of Jamaica; we educate, assist and offer them opportunities that youth in other countries are given. Our aim is to improve the life of the next generation and we have a number of goals including but not limited to;

    To provide hope for the children by helping locals schools with educational tools and funding to improve resources. Also to improve the living conditions of boarding homes that provide the loving family environment and education where the children can be raised and nurtured in a safe, fun and carefree environment.
    To financially and socially sustain villages in Jamaica where children can be given opportunity.

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